As a native Angelino, I have experienced a tremendous amount of cultural diversity throughout my lifetime; from my upbringing in Virgil Village (just west of a now heavily gentrified Echo Park and Silver Lake), to my journeys to areas such as Watts, East Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and West Hollywood. Developing a knowledge of these places has provided me with a greater comprehension of people that come from all walks of life.

I am a bicyclist and maintain a consciousness of my impact upon nature (both human and nonhuman). I am a traveler and a environmental activist;  a dreamer and conduit of peace that visualizes new possibilities for life within dense urban areas. As a visual artist I have been welcomed into various communities all across the United States, from Louisiana and Arizona, to my current location in Arcata, Located in Humboldt county.

Along my journey I have been published in multiple venues (in various mediums), have served as the vice-chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council; the costume designer (“stoomer”) for the Humboldt Circus, and have led multiple writing workshops: As a camp counselor, after school program instructor, class coordinator, executive board member and active volunteer, I have had many joys, triumphs and tribulations. Currently I am weaving together my passion for community stregthening with my love for ecology by using literature, film, print and electronic media to highlight intersecting communal issues. Issues such as feminism and environmentalism, or education, racism and classism.

In this world that we co-inhabit, I have discovered that the greatest moments are not simply in the pages of books, but in conversations that stretch beyond an afternoon. Family and friends, from the depths of my Heart I thank you for the time you have spent reading this introduction and I hope you enjoy this ever-expanding labor of love that has become my life as much as I have enjoyed living it.

Pasadena Chalk Art Festival 2011
Pasadena Chalk Art Festival 2011
Photo Credit: 
Sasha Netchaev

Paix, Amore und Unity
Michael Ray