is a student run club through Humboldt State University. While a majority of their full production shows occur on the campus, they do many events not affiliated with the school as well. The Humboldt Circus was initially founded by Shea Freelove in 2000. There have been many performances organized since its conception. Typically, each fall show is adult themed (28 Clubs Later), and each spring show is an all-ages show (So Many Colors, Carnival of The Mind, One Continuous Lick). The Humboldt Circus also hosts workshops (Juggling, object manipulation, clowning) in the community and on the HSU campus in which various circus skills are taught. They also travel throughout California and surrounding states, performing at and attending various juggling festivals (including the Portland Juggling Festival). The meeting times for fall, 2012 are Tuesdays & Thursdays in the Green and Gold Room in Founders Hall. Or, if you search long enough on the Humboldt State University campus, you might see some circus monkeys clowning around.

The Humboldt Circus with Things Up in the Air
The Humboldt Circus with Things Up in the Air–Humboldt State University
Photography by Joe Salazar

Event Link for Spring 2013 production
“The Humboldt Circus Presents: Carnival of the Mind!”

“So Many Colors.” Spring 2012. Filmed By Donald Husman

“Wear Nothin’ but Yu ‘(e)art” track from Fall 2012 production One Continuous Lick.