Wear Nothin' But Your Heart

First let me address a misconception, something that is erroneous; I am going to address the false belief of limited agency. This belief has had a hold of many people, myself included, and as a result the personal narratives, the familial  anecdotes, the everyday is suppressed.

The truth is that we, each one of us, are part of a collective experience. This experience is what we have come to know as Life, and within each one of us is a story just waiting to be shared.

There are many ways to share a story, stories can be sung, spoken around fires, shouted from mountain tops, captured on film, on canvass, on concrete walls covered in graffiti. Life is the interconnected story we have told ourselves, from the foods we harvest, to the animals we celebrate; from the songs we sing, to the clothes we choose to wear (or not to wear). Yes, life is a story, we are living it, and we have the ability to communicate what we have seen.

In discovering authorial voice, I have explored places of discomfort, of joy, of confusion, of clarity. I have searched through libraries, back alleys, bars, religious institutions, the forests of Humboldt County, the coasts of Southern California, the riverbanks of the Mississippi river, and dozens and dozens of museums. With pen in hand, notebook ready I have I jotted down, notes-to-self, inspiration quotes, jokes, doodles, poems, and the occasional character description.

Well contextualizing & humanizing tangent aside, I do have a few recommendations for those courageous individuals that are seeking to share voice, heart and spirit on the page (or otherwise). Bellow is a list of sights that I have found helpful.

Searching for some general inspiration to get yourself started? Well then take a gander, at the Poetry Foundation’s archives and amuse your muse.

Local Art Commission.
Need funding for your amazing, wonderful, paradigm shifting piece of literature? Keep an eye out for grants that are specific to the genre, or subject of your text (poem, novel, or D.I.Y manual)

Before the industrial age people created with their hands, take part in the tradition and try your own hand book binding.


In short,
be inspired what you read
know thyself (thy writing style, and thy genre),
Lastly, writing is a process.

Questions? Need a editor, or impartial reader to provide feedback?