I have arrived at the platform; the wind is blowing and it is time to move–I am looking to catch a southbound headed train and first stop is Redding California. Here I come! Insert train whistle SFX!

As I make my way towards this first new step I feel as though I am about to embark on indescribable journey–towards Los Angeles, California; towards Bisbee, Arizona; towards El Salvador; towards Lismore, New South Wales; and towards directions unseen. Through this pack and moving phase I find myself repeating the words of the late John Lennon and the former Beatle Sir James Paul McCartney, “Let it be.”


There have been so many lessons thrown my direction between last summer and now–traveling with Occupy Road Trip, living with Arcata drum maker Michael Marker, graduating from Humboldt State University, my position as editor for the Toyon Literary Journal and many adventures with The Humboldt Circus. to name a few. Over the course of this past year I have focused my energies on publishing, composing music, painting, and film and video production. The process has been a magical feat of juggling (to say the least). Sure I dropped a few times, but I also learned some amazing patterns, how to pass, and how to surpass my own expectations. In short, be fearless and embrace the challenges of life.Tea GardenPre-departure checklist:
Fully Loaded Backpack (double check)
Notebook and writing instruments (yes! Don’t leave home without these tools)
Snacks (Yup yup yum)
Fond memories of Humboldt, California (infinite yes with a exclamation point)

Stay tuned for upcoming events which will include literacy workshops, bicycle rides, film screenings, gallery showings and musical/spoken word performances–both in and out of California. Also, I just spoke with Damiana of Rawveganista and there are some amazing things that’ll be coming out of the kitchen soon enough. I am so excited.
If you are interested in collaboration, scheduling a workshop or need a vendor for your venue contact me @ MichaelRay@Loraxcommunity.org. Please include your name, event/organization, service request and a brief description of what is needed and method of contact (i.e email, phone, website). Example:

Aloha, my name is Michael Ray and I am contacting you as a member of Lorax Community, a nonprofit organization that focuses on community strengthening through organic gardening. This month we will be discussing juicing on our website, calling it “Juicy June,” and we would love any videos, recipes and personal stories that you have regarding juicing. Please contact me at MichaelRay@Loraxcommunity.org or simply send me a video, story or recipe that you would like to share. Note, all media submitted will go through a submission review process before posting.
Michael Ray De Los Angeles
Lorax Community Contributor