Well, another night on the mountain has come to a close. Yesterday I biked up to McBride Springs Campground, started a fire with wet wood, and shared some warmth with Sara May Sun and Melanie. Good times, laughter and conversations with great company. While they are on their way to Eugene, Oregon, I remain in Shasta. Today I will be pay homage to my departed brotha’ Michael Falvo.

In short, nearly a year and some odd months ago Michael Vincent Falvo was climbing Mount Shasta (during the 11.11.11 weekend) and his physical body didn’t make it back down. At the time I was engulfed in my studies and I didn’t make the funeral (although I wanted to be there). I would have loved to been present for a family that I knew was hurting. For some time now I have sought closure to the situation.

It is now May, and I am here in Shasta for the first time since 2011. The time here in Shasta has been healing and finally, after two days of rain I can finally see the mountain. A mural on a wall here in town quotes the words of John Muir and well it was a nice read. As I sit here in town, gazing at the looming mountain, its peaks–beautiful snow white tips that scrap the cloudy sky– I wonder what my legacy will be.

I wonder how will I leave this planet, and what lives will I impact. Before I venture south, towards Dunsmuir and Redding I have to ask, what are the things that you care about, what in your life do you value? Furthermore how do you share your passions with those you Love?

Lastly please check out the links that I have posted during this leg of my journey “New Directions” and Mount Shasta), as well as the featured story “Prayer for the Predator” which was written by my traveling companion, colleague, and amiga Sarama Sun Teague.