I am here, in  Mount Shasta, California–again.
The journey here has been wet, yup it is raining– just when I thought I had left the wetness of Humboldt. Oh well, se la vie, that’s life.

Upon waking up today I caught a brief glimpse of the mountain. Despite the mountain’s massive size, the rain clouds prevented any viewing of the peak–or any other part of the mountain for that matter. My companions, Sarama Sun and Melanie are here with me at this point; one is heading to Green Bay, while the other is moving to Maine. We will soon be parting ways, as I begin my journey to Southern California.

Right now, as I write this post,  I am sitting in a coffee shopped called Yaks. I ate an epic flaxseed cookie, wrote on a wall, and had got to chat with Sarama about home towns. The people at the table next to me are speaking Italian and earlier I ran across a family that was speaking Russian. Mount Shasta apparently bring together from all parts of the world. Well, at least that is my assumption based on the diversity of travelers that I have crossed paths with today.

Well that’s the update from the road.