PICT0070Its true. I am no longer on Mount Shasta, I am now 8 miles south in Dunsmuir, California– in a word stuck here for the night. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I’d like to disclose a bit of info about my journey up the mountain. Ironically, the journey started where it began the day before, at McBride Springs Campground. The sign “rough road” (that I posted earlier) appeared shortly after mile 2; McBride is 3.5 miles from the entrance– did I mention that the campsite is also a few thousand feet up as well?

No? Well it is; approximate 4500 feet above sea level.

Did I mention that Mount Shasta has snow on it all year long?

No? Well Shasta has snow on it all year long. The temperature was approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit/ 12.7 degrees Celsius this morning.



Well before I can even get to this morning….or how I ended up in a very windy Dunsmuir, I’ll start with yesterday. Yes, yesterday I biked up to Bunny Flat, a 10 mile ride that left me very aware of my body. I am talking about sweat, a thirst, and muscles pushed to their limits. YES!!!

PICT0065Between you and me, miles one through six were a piece of cake. It wasn’t until mile seven that I really began to feel the weight of gravity. More so, I could feel the weight of my recording equipment, sleeping bag and recently acquired drum. How these things manifest into my life is something that I am still attempting to comprehend. In any case I found time around 8 mile to do a bit of recording.

Sometimes poems are best read aloud, near the tops of mountains.

More to come! The Aventura continues…

Keep it Sacred.