Stones left at Mount Shasta

Ok well these are the highlights of the past 48 hours

  • Biked to Bunny Flat Trailhead and played my drum on the mountain.
  • Recorded a video interpretation of Paul Grubb’s poem “Dedicated to A Muse”
  • Karen, the camp hostess @ McBride Springs, manifested an extra day in Shasta for me.  (THANK YOU!!!!)
  • Was rejected by Amtrak…”no bikez on de train” sayz mistar conductor
  • Acquired a flat after leaving Dunsmuir, walked to Sims Road and camped @ Best in the West Resort–free of charge.
  • Caught a ride with Mount Shasta local Steve and repaired my shredded tire, and flat tube.
  • manifested a bike trailer.

And right now I am mapping my journey down Historic Route 99 to Red Bluff and Sacramento shortly thereafter.

Love, sooooooo much Love

Stones left at Mount Shasta