Moi Caveat! This is a lengthy post that is with tasty info about farms, downloadable content and written by one heated cyclist.

Michael Ray De Los Angeles
Editor, Kaleidoscope Soup,
Contributor, Lorax Community


Guess where I am? Ready? Chico, California!

After a morning nap, and possibly some sacred/self time on this Sunday morning, I will take off to the road and continuing my journey south. Yesterday I rode in from Red Bluff (some 42 odd miles) through the Tehama trail. These rides have been seemingly small steps but progress is still progress–even though Sacramento (and by extension Los Angeles) is still a way’s off.

InPICT0142 Red Bluff I drummed for the peeps @ “The End Up.” In the morning I stopped at the farmer’s market. Delicious Carrots, strawberries and cherries have fueled my route 99 bike ride. Not to mention the walnuts that I tasted at Bianchi Orchards, one of the many farms that I stopped at while biking the Tehama Trail. Small note about the temperature, It was some 100/37.7778 Fahrenheit/Celsius throughout the ride. A thermometer, on a building in Cottonwood (as well as one in Los Molinos) confirmed what my internal thermometer had been telling me since I left Redding the day before, it is HOT!!!
PICT0138 PICT0147

In Chico I cracked open de ol “lookie box” (my computer) and sunk my teeth into some editing and revising–juicy stuff, let me tell you. The final product? Why an updated and revised republishing of my poetry collection, The Pirate With The Golden Gun!

copy of 239iThe collection is FREE and is available as a downloadable PDF:The Pirate with the Golden Gun 2013 Edition

When I first constructed this collection I read excerpts @ Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural, House of Brew’s Mental Mondays, and Soapbox LA. In this updated edition I have included works that have been published by Humboldt State University Women’s Resource Center The Matrix. They are reflective of the subject matter that I address as a writer today.

Bringing The Pirate  With The Golden Gun,  back into the light of day has been an exciting process, so much within my life has changed since I wrote the poems in this collection. Not only has my physical location changed from southern to northern California but I have been exposed to a whole spectrum of authors–something that I address in the forward of the book.


I will post a recap of Dunsmuir at my next stop (which may be Oroville,hmmmm why does that name sound familiar?). So, until next post I would like to suggest that go your Poetically juicy copy of The Pirate With The Golden Gun.

P.S It is Juicy June and if you have any recipes, photos, personal stories or videos that you would like to share regarding juicing, then email me at MichaelRay@LoraxcCommunity. Otherwise you can just keep your eyes on The Raw Veganista’s recipe page.