I have reached Yuba city, which is south of Chico, Biggs, Durham and Live Oak. Hooray for the many hours that went into this ride. Seriously, this leg of my journey has been the most trying on my patience, endurance and self determination. The heat here has left me sweating immensely–the whole ride through the Tehama trail, and route 163 like riding through a sauna. Oh life, you place me in so many interesting situations. Anyway, I am still just a few hours north of Sacramento, and will be completing the final leg of this journey within the next few hours.Yes!!! I will be completing the cycling leg of this journey and catching a train down to Los Angeles for the rest of this journey.

2013 Bicycle Journey
I have mapped out the road thus far, and according to good ol’  google maps the journey has been 243 miles in total. (This is a rough estimate that does not include my side trips, through places like cottonwood, or detours caused by highway closures near cities like Red Bluff). Yes, my journey from Mount Shasta to Sacramento has covered some epic mileage and while I wish I could have caught the train out of Dunsmuir, if I had, I would not have seen the beautiful parts of California that I have seen over these past few days.
From Dunsmuir to Chico, from Bianchi Orchard to Biggs city, from McBride Springs to Red Bluff I have seen California in a new light. Each stop along this journey has provided me with a greater knowledge of this beautiful region that I call home. This trip has provided me with a greater personal comprehension of what it means to be a Californian; what it means to be a cyclist; and what it means to be a ecological conscious individual. More than anything however it has reminded me of the importance of laughter within trying times of patience.
It was during my trip out of Chico and towards Yuba City that the heat really hit me. As a documentarian, I felt the need to share this somewhat frustrating part of my journey. In retrospect I was glad to have found the space to laugh at my situation on highway 162, I really needed it:
When I started this travel log, had been living in the Arcata/Blue Lake area. An area within the North Coast of California that is home to Redwoods, massive logging, Humboldt State University, the Humboldt Circus, The Toyon Literary Journal, The Yurok, The Hoopa, banana slugs, trillium flowers, and so much more  My intention in starting, and now continuing this site has been to share the places, events, and people that I see along this journey of life.
Now, as I sit in my Virgil Village home, near life-long friends and close to familia, my brothers, mama, papa, grandmother, y grandfather I am once again humbled. I am humbled for many reasons, I traversed nearly 700 miles to be arrive in Virgil Village; I can loved ones’ smiling faces again; but more than anything am humbled because I have realized (once again) that without these wonderful people within my life, and the knowledge they have shared with me that has shaped my being, I would not be here.