Yeah, it is true.  And after some much needed familia time in Virgil Village, and Highland Park, I have landed in LVT (Lake View Terrace)– home to murals, Hansen Dam, and just a few miles away from Angeles National Forest.

While here in Los Angeles I have been reconnecting with amig@s all over the city. From Jesse Akitve Ramone over at the Bike Oven in Highland park; to Anne-Marie DeHerrera, the Curriculum Director of For Learners of All Ages in Sylmar; and even some quality time with M.F.A (Theatre emphasis) Alejandro Molina who, has co-authored the book Vive Pez with Virgilio González. Without a doubt this time back in SoCal has been healing, refreshing, recharging and funkin’ awesome!

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Why you ask?

  • The book Viva Pez will be the first book that I translate (from Español to English);
  • New bicycle lanes in the works for Highland Park that could translate to safer riding down Figueroa Blvd.
  • Co-editing a new book with Paul Grubb and Anne-Marie

Good stuff que no?

As for today, word along the grapevine is that Mental Monday’s (hosted at House of Brews in San Fernando) will be having their 5th year anniversary in two weeks, 24 June 2013–same open mic time, same bat channel. Er, umm, that’s a Batman reference for those that don’t know, and well the open-mic runs from 6:30-9:30. Che-Che-Check it out! I will be there to celebrate the occasion.

In other news, there have been some delicious posts emerging from the Rawveganista’s blog, and if you enjoy juicing, now is the time to subscribe! Not just because the Veganista is having a glass straw drawing (as part of the “Juicy June Rawveganista Giveaway”), but because there are amazin’ dishes, drinks and food tips  that are emerging from that digital kitchen.  too have been inspired to share some of my own juicing, practices in the form of a video.

Juicy June!!!
(Can also be located on the Lorax Community Kitchen Blog)

In short, between gardening, cycling, reconnecting with Loved ones, writing and editing, this is continuing to be an amazing month. Did I even mention that I was awarded my degree in English Literature by Humboldt State University last month? Strange, yes, but true. In any case, keep an eye out for some new and exciting events in the upcoming days, weeks and months ahead–A trip to the Viper room, mount climbing, that sort of thing.