So it has finally happened (after much debate with myself about what I wanted to see visually), I have chosen the cover art for my upcoming book–title to be release July 1st. This will be my first poetic work in nearly two odd years–not that I stopped writing or publishing, but I have not release a collection of my own within that time. All in all, I am really stoked and excited beyond measure. Reviewing over 1000 pages of writing, and some 3000 odd photos, paintings and sketches, drawings and murals I have assembled–what I know to be– the (abridged) story of some very key moments within my life.

Welcome to Bliss Street

Welcome to Bliss Street Poetry Collection, Cover Art Designed by Alex Gracia

The fictional autobiography is a poetic narrative that examines the nature of violence within the life of one General Lonely Heart. The story is about Love, death, overcoming adversity, and seeking liberation from archaic paradigms. Some of the poems were written in direct response to events within my life; such as the death of a dear brotha’ (Michael Vincent Falvo); the Sayre & Griffith Park fires, as well as my own quest for peace of mind within a city that is comprised largely of concrete. Other poems are reflective of ecological and nonviolent ideals that were manifested through meditation.

In short, this poetry collection is what I know about poetry, both stylistically and experientially. This collection is raw in emotion, refined in presentation (humorous at times) and without a doubt truth to self. In assembling this collection I have reread through numerous villanelles, sestinas, sonnets, haikus, as well as scattertastic free verses, slams and my own constructed forms. From me, to finally have committed to a front cover for this collection is really one step closer to print and publication. To the many poems, photos, anecdotes, and mural images that were not chosen for this collection I have nothing but <3, however now is just not the time.

On the note of poems not chosen for print, take a listen to one of the poems that I am considering to include in the audio poetry collection: