Stony Point in Chatsworth, California. Image: Wikipedia, Stony Point

There is something about paying acute attention to the cracks, crevices, groves and the shape of a rock that allow for an intimate experience with said rock. Yesterday I went rock climbing at Stony Point for the first time, and while I have climbed rocks before, I have never “rocked climbed.” The chalk dustings on the boulders, the visualization involved (from breath to hand and foot placement) made the experience I had yesterday beyond enjoyable and one that I will soon be repeating.

Between exposing my own limitations and finding what was called “rest in work,” by my dear brotha’, I found the experience to be humbling, because I was asked to trust myself, and use my own critical thinking skills to see the trail many other before me had used to climb the same stone. The latter served as a reminder to myself that the wheel has already been invented and what I mean by that is, the path already exists and it is up to me to be able to visualize the route for myself–by utilizing my knowledge, strength and experience.

The whole experience was meditative, from watching others climb, to actually doing some climbing of my own. Perhaps, my one gripe about the location was the amount of glass that was present along the trails. I seriously kept thinking that Smokey the Bear should also be doing a “pick up after yourself” campaign during his off season. All in all the experience was great though, and today I am very aware of my body, the strength that it has, and the places which could benefit from some growth.

In other news:

Chico’s own Michelle “Moss” Wurlitzer has designed another community mural, the mural’s location is a community garden;

The Northeast LA Art walk is nearly two weeks away!

And have I mentioned that Hierosonic is en route to Los Angeles and will be playing the Zeitgeist Media Festival @ the Avalon Theater in Hollywood?\

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