A colleague of mine posted the link to this post “Pet Gays” and I happened to read it when I saw that it was in my Facebook news feed. If ever I read a piece of critical thought, that was filled truthful angst; a message that was worth sharing on a IVth of July morning, it would be poetic blog entry by John Weir.

Not only does he take note of the marginalization and objectification of queer culture within mainstream media but also how the queer culture has become caricaturized as well. John Weir’s words are strikingly poignant, and he “puts the nose on the clown,” “hits the nail on the coffin,” “gives the fairy its wings” so to speak. In short, his entry serves as a reminder that no person should be a trophy for a system unless they willing choose to be– a la Miss America, or contestants for ridiculous game shows.

In my best celebratory patriotismo voice, I wish you a happy funkin’ freedom day! Now go treat your freedom like was something special. Lots of <3.

Michael Ray.

Also be sure to check out the single from the "Earthikana Soultonix" AudioPoetico:


America, I’m not your pet gay.

America, I never said I wanted to marry you.  Can’t we just live together?

America, I’m not a Care Bear on your suburban lawn with an adopted Guatemalan baby in my arms and my legal-in-twelve-states-and-DC husband weeping beside me and humming the score of Rent through his grateful tears.

America, I’m not a happy happy drag queen sent to earth by Jesus, Cher, and Harvey Fierstein to teach joy and love and endurance to straight people in tour buses.

America, have you ever met a drag queen?  On a Monday morning, out of make-up and cigarettes?  Do you think her first thought is to teach you to love?

America, “straight allies” is an oxymoron.  Were you never in high school gym class?

Do the words “dodge ball” mean anything to you, America?

America, don’t raise a faggot and expect him to vote Republican.


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