Today is a tell all Tuesday. Ready? I am so very stoked, excited, absolutely ecstatic for a show tonight. The band Hierosonic, hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania has finally arrived in Los Angeles and is en route to their first California Summer show of 2013. Tonight the band is playing the Viper Room, a set to be remember I am sure.

To welcome the band, last night’s dinner included a apricot cobbler, guacamole, and a mixed greens salad with cook barley and heirloom tomatoes and to top it all off, there were tacos. To drink? Coconut water and a icy pitcher of water infused with chia seed.  Oh, and did I also mention that the peaches that were used in the cobbler were local (harvested from the trees in the backyard earlier that day)? Nope? Well they were.

Last night’s impromptu dinner jam reminded me that life really is about amazing gatherings with positive energy, humor and laughter. There really is something special that can be said about 7 to 10 odd people moving about in a kitchen to make food for about 15 people. In short, the experience was magical, and resulted in a beautifully colored table.

While I was preparing the mixed greens salad, several things came to mind; I thought about compost, sprouting, kitchen scrap gardening, and Chia seeds. This past week I have been web surfing (do people still call it that?) and there were a few good reads that I found in my exploration. In addition to multiple articles, I also found a few helpful diagrams.
Chia Seed Article from RealFarmacy.Com

Well, it is time to start getting ready to check out Hierosonic. I am looking forward to this. Seriously.