The Zeitgeist Media Festival is now only  six days away, and band Hierosonic will be headlining Sunday evening’s event. The band has driven across the country from Pennsylvania, played with Three Doors Down,  Jane’s Addiction, and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack; and two nights before the Zietgeist Media Festival on Sunday, August 4th, the band (Mike Stang, Benjamin Stewart, Jarred Cannon,  Randy Elmy) will have opened for Hoobastank at the Whiskey A Go Go during the 2013 Sunset Strip Music Festival. Currently they are prepping a video shoot for one of their songs– spoiler it involves the desert, drums, fire, and one off the wall amazing band, perhaps a van load of dancers too.

Well, imagine my surprise when I checked my news feed this morning to find that Parthenia Grant, host of Divine Love Talk on CRN, posted this message:

Don’t miss director of Kymatica, Ben Stewart today on Divine Love Talk streaming live on your iPod, android, computer, or live on the radio at from 10-ll a.m. We will be discussing Transcending the Egoic self by transmuting the fears generated by the false sense of self; the making of his new music video Infinity; his appearance at the Zeitgeist Festival August 4th; his musical performance at Whisky A Go Go August 2nd; and his new weekly show on David Icke’s station “The People’s Voice.” If you miss the live show, my wonderful intern, Vanessa Benjamin, will be uploading a copy of the show on YouTube and Facebook.

This should be rather interesting, if I do say so myself.

Rawveganista has just uploaded a recipe for Vanila mint Ice Cream that uses Acocados–Image YUM!

When I read her recipe, I was reminded of my own experimentations–avocado and coconut (n)ice cream! I made some avocado (N)ice cream last year, with some freshly picked avocados and coconut milk, yes you read correctly, and I thought I was the only one that did that but the Rawveganista has reminded me once again that I am not the dingbat flappin’ about in in the kitchen

My original recipe simply combined Avocado, coconut milk, and a freezer. I later modified the recipe to include crushed cacao, cinnamon, and a bit of black strap molasses. The dish was tasty, delicious and enjoyed by many skeptics, especially after my 4th and 5th batches.

“Avocado in ice cream, are you sure about that?” Was the common question that was mutter only moments before “mmmm.”  For some, however,  the taste was a bit foreign. As for myself, I couldn’t believe that I had waited so long to attempt such a scrumptious frozen treat. If you enjoy, avocados, coconut milk and are looking for a new way to keep cool during these summer days, then be sure to check out the Rawveganista’s recipe for Vanila Mint Ice Cream.


Lastly, Jenuine Poetess, Founder and Host at the Word Gallery in Waco Texas, brought to my attention that author Luis Rodriguez will be running for the position of governor of California. The news came as a bit of surprise, but definitely news that I welcomed. I first met Luis Rodriguez several years ago at the bookstore/community centre that he co-founded Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural,” and in my humble opinion, Luis Rodriguez is an amazing speaker, community advocate, and comprehends the importance of art as a transformational tool.

Image posted on Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural & Bookstore Facebook page by Silvero

This past May, the book “Rushing Waters Rising Dreams: How The Arts Are Transforming A Community” (edited by Luis Rodriguez and Denis Sandoval and published by Tia Chucha’s Press) received a bronze metal in the non-fiction category from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. My poem, “Mother’s Garden,” was included in the anthology– the poem has also been included in my second self published book “Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written On Chalk Stain’d Concrete.”

After witnessing and experiencing an explosion of many beautiful convergences of art, social activism, consciousness stimulation, and artivism within these past months, I am filled with a great sense of hope, joy and genuine happiness. So many wonderful people have come together, recognizing the interconnectedness of our social, political, and cultural conditions in relation to our social structures. More so, these individuals and groups have been utilizing art as a transformative tool–realigning our values towards cooperative modes of existence in the process.

The plethora of muralists in Pacoima and Van Nuys, music by bands like Hierosonic, and events like Akilia hosted by Matthew Parkey and Electric Cocoon in Lake Arrowhead; as well as books such as Rushing Waters Rising Dreams, Vive Pez (by Alejandro Molina y Virgilio Gonzales), and collectives such as Pacoima’s Hormiguero y the Healing and Arts Awareness House on York Boulevard in Highland Park all point to the fact that art is indeed transformative. Not only is it transformative on an individual level but also on a collective level, and as the book Rushing Waters Rising Dreams suggests, art can even transform a community.

Have a wonderful week.