We are on our way to autumn (spring in the southern hemisphere) and I have made a short list of audio and visual tracks to keep you dancin’, meditatin’, and <3’in through the equinox and the new season. Within the set are poets, musicians, short films and extra special Perseid Meteor shower Gift. Namaste from here to ∞…

Electro Swing 1 & 2 (2009 Wagram Music)
Within this sampler are amazing tracks by Lyre Le Temps, The Correspondents and Ella Fitzgerald, not to mention some other familiar tunes by Caravan Palace– oh and a rendition of “Rum’n’cocacola” that is sure to warm your blood.

Dance to the War by Hierosonic.
Like a mornin’ espresso this song is a bold call to wake up. Once you’re done with their tracks on Reverbnation be sure to listen to the live piano version of “Dance to the War” (played at the 2012 Zeitgeist Media Festival).

Saul Williams speaks in Tacoma, Washington
The poet-artist and lecturer speaks about his experience as an instructor of poetry at Stanford University. He connects the physical diet to the emotional spirit. He asserts the position that what a person eats, affects the creative mind and how a person writes.
Me: Maybe I will have that second glass of watermelon water

Andrea Gibson
will be in Los Angeles in September, go check listen to her pour her heart into transcendental, genderless, queervocative feministing vases of poetry! In the meanwhile, her video-poems “I Do,” “Maybe I Need You,” and “Jellyfish” will give you an idea of how amazingly beautiful her words are.

Ben Stewart on Divine Love Talk
A conversation that I enjoyed watching, vocalist and guitarist Benjamin Stewart (Hierosonic) sits down with Dr Parthenia Grant and Kim Michaels (via Skype) to discuss consciousness, the ego & art.

Sometimes you just need to turn the filter off and watch a little gratuitous violence, à la capitalisme culture. Just over 16 minutes of nostalgia, this pastiche (or parody) is sure to delight you with a dozen or so familiar faces. Enjoy this film with or without your favorite sailor, child or elder in the room.

DJ Mokka Spectrum
Pick a set, any set…no wait, try “Wonderland Magic Seattle” it is an hour and a half of “glitch/downtempo/dub/gypsy/electronic” for your ride back from, or to your next festie, hoop gathering, or late night beach burn. Dj Mokka Spectrum brings “tribal roots and travels in an extra ordinary mixture of digital sound to inspire people around the globe. With a unique appearance, comes humour, wisdom and lots of joy. There is not one boring moment.”

Eye in I
Put together a few homegrown string groves, some soulful vocals and a drummer that rocks a kit like it was his job; then include a montage of familia, friends/amig@s and the neighbor’s kid jumping in the pool… yeah, tis still summer on the northern hemisphere. The band, Eye In I’s freshly released video “3AM” has reminded me it is never to late to enjoy a healthy dose of good times. Check out this clip and you may just be inspired to invite them to your next festival too.

Well that’s theEarthikana Soultonix 2013 July 12 Cover playlist, enjoy the tracks and be sure to keep an eye on the sky– Full Harvest Moon is September 19 and the autumn equinox is a few days later on the 22nd. 
In celebration of tonight’s celestial event, you can download the full ebook of Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written on Chalk Stain’d Concrete for free. Password is “Perseid Meteors” (Space and Case Sensitive).