Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be September’s full moon– mystic mama notes that we will be entering Leo; whereas agriculturalists call this month’s moon the “Full Sturgeon Moon;”  whatever the case, tomorrow’s full moon is sure to light up the sky and remind us we are (indeed) en route to autumn– spring in locations such as Australia . Whatever your time zone, geographic location or state of mind, be sure to take a few moments to look at the evening sky.

While reading The Miracle of Mindfulness: A Manual on Meditation written by Thich Nhat Hahn, one exercise really spoke to me: “Counting your Breath.” On the inhale “I am inhaling, one” and on the exhale “I am exhaling, one.” The process guides the person breathing from one to ten and then back to one; in breath, exhale, in breath, exhale, in breath exhale. The poet, Buddhist,  and Zen Master  suggest that if you loose count, simple “return to one.”

Several months ago I wrote a poem that was published in The Women’s Resource Center’s biannual publication “The Matrix” (back issues can be located online here). The poem was titled “Breathe” and it was reflective of two pieces of information that I had recently acquired, one was that argon was a element that we are all inhaling, and two we are all interconnected entities– brief mind expanding article that discusses this concept. While I was selecting pieces that I wanted to included in my second book, I felt that the poem “Breathe” had to be part of the collection of poems. While reading Thich Nhat Han’s meditation manual I was instantly reminded of my own poem. Funny how life works sometimes, at the time that I wrote the poem, I was using it to affirm confidence within myself; to comprehend the social and political histories which  are embedded in my social life and to identify my own interconnected status as inhabitant of this planet.

Although I changed the name of the poem in my book Earthkana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written on Chalk Stain’d Concrete from “Breathe”, to “The Miracle of a Breath,” I feel as though the message is still the same; we are all connected.


The Miracle of A Breath

Whilst cuffed snuggly (with cold metal pressed against my skin, und the touch of le morte still fresh on my hands), I smiled– as only a Cheshire Cat would.
The air reek’d of swine.
In a moment of doubt, The strength and of wisdom of a

Sequoia Sempervirens (its spine recto como un pistola) reminded to me breathe. In breath, (just like Davis. like Chavez, like Huerta,

like Davis
like Gandhi like Parks, like King,
like Jamal,
like T. Williams walking down the halls of death row,
like Frank
like Frankl,
like Keats, Shelly and Wordsworth;
like Agard turning on the Kettle,
like Huidobro, Ululayu
like X dreaming
like Trayvon Martin and Sophie Lancaster screamin’
like that beautiful Butterfly Hill,
like Olaudah Equiano).

Exhale (Je suis paz und tranquility).

(Each breath has already passed through the lungs of every peaceful warrior
From Madre Theressa, to Señora Parks; From Maria Trinidad Santacruz to Esperanza Quintero;

From Amanda Saiz to Jennifer Alejo.

Exhale Exhale Exhale Bleed).

(Wildfires raging in belly and
Rainclouds storming the gates of a rational mynde,
As dew drop run down a red soaked face, crafting rivers of truth
—sans joy—
in a passionless welcoming anthem of unifying Love).

“Within your smile I see bits of harmony,
r a d i e n c e,
c o m p a s s i o n,
f e a r l e s s n e s s,
v i r t u e,
t r u t h,
h o n o r,
w i s d o m:
Within you eyes I see sparks of Joy Gardens of happiness; Fields of triumph; and of course Love:
I thought you were here to protect, to serve, to help!”

(Closed eyes, opened heart).

(Je suis paz und tranquility).

-Michael Ray De Los Angeles 2013, All rights reserved-

Gemeinschaft/Community Calendar
–Akilia August 23-25 in Lake Arrowhead, CA
–Topanga Vintage Market, August 25th Woodland Hills, CA
–Corporal Expression with Master of Art in Theatre Alejandro Molina @ Congresso de Paisos, 27-29, Covina, CA. Contact: for more information
–Mental Mondays August 26th @ House of Brews in San Fernando
–August 28. Voicing Rhythm Open Mic @ Healing and Arts Community Awareness House, Ave 51 & York in Highland Park, next to Hermosillo’s.
Today, give a listen to the newly assembled, experiemental, folk songs & audiopoetics of Earthikana Soultonix. The tracks are the compliment to my second book of the same title, have a great week:

1. Blucata Sunshine (Platform Departue, 2nd March) from Michael Ray De Los Angeles on Vimeo.

The concept started with some ink, paper and a guitar, what resulted was a book of poetry, lettres and photos; a fictional autobiographical narrative about the life and death of one General Lonely Heart. The video tracks included in this playlist are the songs that emerged as part of the process, they are acoustic, whimsical, and experimental to say the least. In songs such as Blucata sunshine and Diaspora Amerikana (which features Edda C.R. Lampis) I played a Yamaha electric-acoustic guitar; “We Jazz Junecember (the journey home)” I played an upright piano and included samples from friends Gabriella Delgado, Rita Garay and Michael Vincent Falvo; other songs utilize a KORG synthesizer (“Los Angeles, August 30 1985,” “The Seduction of Miss Dawklin Fortune,” “War is Over”); in short I was able to explore a whole range of musical instruments during this process, the most exotic was the charango, a 10 string instrument that I had loads of fun with and created the ethereal song “Neo-Genesis 1.11, which ends abruptly and brings the listener back to terrestrial world within a matter of seconds.

“Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written On Chalk Stain’d Concrete” is:
1. Blucata Sunshine (Platform Departure, 2nd March)
2. ∞(Heart)^2
3. Amerikana Dreamin, IV July 1492 to 20XIII
4. Los Angeles, 30 August 1985
5. War is Over (P.S.A. Radio Edit)
6. The Seduction of Miss Dawklin Fortune
7. Certainty in the Sun
8. Diaspora Amerikana (Feat. Edda C.R. Lampis)
9. Edification
10. Neo-Genesis 1.11-01001100 01101111 01110110 01100101
11. We Jazz Junecember (The Journey Home)