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While you were sleeping:
“Eye and I” has been busy, playing into the evening hours, and diligently working producing new material. The latest word from these SoCal Peaceful warriors? A music video for the song “The Soul In Me.” The video unites themes of consciousness and familia alongside images urban life and conflict resolution. During the chorus, singer Mason Ruiz prompts an introspective with the statement “we opened up their minds to the things they dream at night./ When they open up their eyes and [are] blinded by the morning light, what is a soul to do?”  By the end of the video, one can suggest that what the what a soul can do is Love– unconditionally.

Eye in I @
Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill.
31 August 2013

The video’s camera angles and location provide an intimate look into our modern western world. In a sense, we are detached from one another because of technology, however, when we harness the energy selflessly we can tap into limitless creation. The Easter Egg within Eye In I’s video serves as a reminder of the creative potential that exists within ourselves; the film Kymatica is a point of conflict between the female leads but also, by the end of the video, has assisted in bringing the two closer together. The closing embrace that the two women share echo Ruiz’s words mentioned earlier during the video, which are that “the one thing I drop will not be my Love.” In short, our ability to sit with an emotion (whether it be joy, anger, apathy, angst or happiness), to embrace the emotion move beyond the sentiment, allows for personal growth and collective development. Within the film both women found a way to exercise their emotions to the situation, one through running, the other through art.

Eye in I thanks for spreading the Love.

Lastly, the Ahimsa Lightworkers Alliance posted a powerful video that was created by Earth Unchained TV. The question that came along with the video, “any thoughts?” As I begin the new week, I will be keeping these “Karmic Laws” in mind and I am interested in discovering what insights and introspective will result.

have a wonderful week.
Michael Ray De Los Angeles Menijvar