Wow!!! This was a whirlwind of a weekend. In addition to chalking at the Sylmar Olive Festival; meeting tons of wonderful artists; listening to soulful music, and eating my fill of olive flavored delights, I also had the opportunity to catch up with members of the band Skulrot– outside of the studio.

Day one, John Reddick won my vote for toga chant of the hour; upon arrival, the Skulrot vocalist announced himself with a “Toga! Toga! Toga!” a la John Belushi in Animal house. Entertaining? YES. Did it bring a smile to my face? Of course. We’re people under the age of 20 confused by the man in the bed sheet toga chanting? You bet your sweet derriere they were, and I Loved every moment of it.

Saturday evening brought out Paul Winter DesCombes to the festival. Also in toga attire, Paul brought with him an air of calm, he’s usually a sweaty mess– after enthusiastically drumming for a Skulrot set, I would be too.  In any case, we had a great time talking  and even discussed the band’s upcoming DVD release.

As much fun as the festival was, I am glad that it is over. I am not sure how many more olives I could have eaten (despite how absolutely funkin’ tasty they were). In any case it was nice to have been awarded the  “most original chalk art piece” by the people. As for the rest of the festival experience I can sum it up in a poem that I have dubbed, “Technicolor Snot,”

Break time!!!!
Moi taking a break, admiring my handy work and very thankful for the invention of forks.

Technicolor Snot
Dust, and multicolored hands press against concrete
that is smoother than sandpaper but far from the texture of marble.
I see my reflection in the camera lens of the news reporter, the child with a Iphone,
and my fellow chalking companions.

These hands of mine, still rough from climbing walls of stone,
now press dust into smooth gray floor.
MORE green, more red, more pink, black and yellow.
Le sigh.

I blow my nose as the sun sets and the chalk dust settles.

Day 2
Lettres take shape and I see the end on the horizon;
this will all be gone tomorrow, the olives, the chalk, the artists, the visions.

Day two
I hear my name and walk, towards the stage, smiling and covered in color.

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LIST OF THANK YOUS!!!! Peter Quezada for introducing me to murals, art and chalking; The LAMC Culinary department for stopping by and discussing food, olives, and art. Kristin Sills, you are a goddess, thank you for everything that you did in putting together Chalk Alley and for being present and helpful with all of the chalkers, festival attendees, and volunteers, you are amazing!!! My fellow chalk artists. LORAXCOMMUNITY.ORG. Edward Campos @ Imagination Works & Michael Long for the great dialogues and conversations over the course of the weekend; Skulrot, Gabby Delgado, Andrew @ The Healing, Arts, & Community Awareness Home!

Speaking of The Healing, Arts & Community Awareness home:

Voicing Rhythms September