So many things a-brewin’ right now, between scheduling book readings, radio time, uploading media from various events and co-organizing a fundraiser with For Learner of All Ages, I didn’t expect to find the time to create an app for my musical endeavors. Woohoo to MRDLAM, VAMPYROHTECHNIX, & Citizens of the Matrix Press for coming together to make this piece of artistry a reality.

Tomorrow I will be in Long Beach for the 10th annual Belmont Shores Chalk Walk. I have mentioned before that I really do enjoy creating with chalk, and even recently was recognized at the 2013 Sylmar Olive Festival for my chalk piece OMGMO! (Oh my, Genetically Modified Olives!). Tomorrow’s event is definitely going to be something and I can’t help but feel a bit excited about being able to walk away with my completed chalk piece this time around;  BUT, No rest for the wickedly talented! After Long Beach I hauling tail to BEYOND THE MOON in Sylmar with to display my painted panels & jewelry in this amazing gathering of community.

Lastly, there are only 10 days left before my featured book reading at Mental Monday’s @ the House of Brews. I am really excited about this event, as it will be my first book reading as a thoroughly matriculated scholar, and author. As I have mentioned on this site before, I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Humboldt State University this past spring and have since completed my first book– “Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written On Chalk Stain’d Concrete.”  All in all, these past few months have been amazing. Between the journey to Mount Shasta with writer Sarama Sun Teague, to my own cycling adventure to Sacramento; the multiple trips to Lake Arrowhead; reconnecting with Hierosonic; open mics, art nights, and Sunday evening dinners at the Healing, Art and Community Awareness House; rock climbing; and the completion of my own book and compact disc, I would have to say that life is thrusting to the forefront of my untapped potential.

In closing, I want to say that you are beautiful, thanks for reading thanks for subscribing, and thanks for commenting. The artistic endeavors of the projects that I undertake would not be possible without the Love, emotional support, and critical insights unto my work. As always, I am open to collaboration, welcome new projects and am thankful for the gifts that I receive.

Many Blessings
Michael Ray