Aloha and salutations,

Only six more days until Mental Mondays @ the House of Brews in San Fernando; only six more days until my book reading of EARTHIKANA SOULTONIX; only six more days until my return as a guest on CRN Talk Radio’s DIVINE LOVE TALK: Monday October 28th will be a beautifully busy day indeed.


Yes, things have been moving along incredibly quickly here at MRDLAM, prepping EARTHIKANA SOULTONIX’s first public reading, organizing a film screening and moving up on charts on Reverbnation– I am currently at number 3 on the SPOKEN WORD ARTIST CHART— are all things that have kept me on my toes.

Yesterday I had an on-air conversation with Dr. Sarah Larsen & artist Greg Larsen (co-founder of the website on the show DIVINE LOVE TALK. We spoke about art, meditation and the nature masculinity within our current social structure. As usual, the hour passed by in a flash, and before I knew it we were outside talking about next week’s show.

However, between commercial breaks and after the show, I did have the opportunity to speak with both of these wonderful people about my own concerns as a developing artist, as one still coming of age– so to speak. The discussion felt like something out of the matrix, you know those parts of the film where Neo went to visit the Oracle and he heard everything he needed to hear and already knew. Needless to say the experience was fulfilling, enlightening and all around delightful.

Today, I am recharged and ready to take a bite out of life; to ride the waves; to climb a mountain: today I am begin a new countdown;  6 more days share my labor of love that is Earthikana Soultonix; a project that I began several months ago.

When I first launched this webpage (I mean actually publishing on this site back in May) and I was still in Mount Shasta I had just begun the review process for Earthikana Soultonix. While in Northern California this book was nothing more than a couple hundred pages of poetry, photos, & letters–to date, I have yet to touch upon my critical essays, soon enough though. Back in May I was still unsure of what my next step would be. I knew that I wanted to write a book, I knew that I wanted to have accompanying audio to it and I knew that video documentation would be part of the process. My interview on yesterday’s broadcasting of Divine Love Talk really solidified and affirmed that I have completed what I had set out to do.

Now, with the my preview copy of EARTHIKANA SOULTONIX sitting neatly on the left side of my writing space; the accompanying audio (URBANITE FOLK SONGS SUNG ON CHALK STAIN’D CONCRETE) now having reached thousands of listeners (via Vimeo, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and even Youtube); and this blog (that you are currently reading) maintaining readership from people all around the world, I can affirm for myself that the beginning of the end of this journey has started: Next stop Monday October 26th.

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Michael Ray De Los Angeles Menjivar

Special thanks to the following people and organizations that has assisted me immensely during this process/ journey:
Ann-Marie DeHerrera; Everyone involved with Divine Love Talk; Melba Gillkey & Evy Spiritluvchild; The Grubb Family; Jerome Michael: Tatyana LaFemme, Chef Andrew and the many beautiful people at the Healing, Art, & Community Awareness House; Skulrot; the Los Angeles Renegade Roller Girls; The HUMBOLDT CIRCUS; Michael Long & For Learners of All Ages Revolution; Sarama Sun Teague; Dreadlock Drummer Michael; and the many people that have shared, subscribed and donated to this project.
Love and Light!