Vegan + Organic = Veganic!

This is a forum for sharing ideas & examples related to veganic homesteading, garden, & DIY projects.

All are welcome to join our community, and to share their own ideas as part of our open forum. We also aim to feature a unique variety of regular contributors as part of our core group of content creators, as well as many esteemed guest bloggers to keep things fresh and fun.

We chose Tumblr as our medium for this project because of the beauty and simplicity of posting and sharing with members of its ever-growing vegan community. We also love the ‘photo reply’ feature, and hope to see a great deal of discussion and related feedback emerging from ideas shared over time.

For information on how to become involved as a featured contributor or guest blogger, please feel free to contact us directly. For those who love social media, we are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Ⓥ♥