I told myself that before the new season I would publish a follow-up to Earthikana Soultonix: Urbanite Folk Songs Written on Chalk Stain’d Concrete, and today I completed that promise. Thus, I present to you 20XIII: The Collected Published Works of Michael Ray De Los Angeles Menjivar. The book is a comprehensive overview of printed and previously published work– of various mediums. Unlike Earthikana Soultonix, this book (20XIII) is more intimate. I say that it is more intimate because I directly talk about the experiences and stories of the works. This was something that I could not do with Earthikana Soultonix, in fact, I actually aimed to distance myself from the collection by creating the characters Razion Lonelyheart, Miss Dawklin Fortune, and Trillium Ammonite Grace. In 20XIII, I am much more candid, and open to discussing the pieces, after all they are mine. That said, enjoy!

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