Yes.Feliz 20XIV.  I. Arrival.  #bikeoven

Yes, it is here. No, we’re not going to melt, and the world is not going to end–at least not any sooner than previously scheduled. Instead we’re going to make this year a little brighter than the previous, not simply for ourselves, but for those around us. As we begin a new cycle around the sun, reflecting on the lessons we learnt and pulling wisdom from where we can find it– Facebook, the bottoms of bottle caps, the tags on teabags, intoxicated loved ones– now is a great time to get sh!t done.

The Mom Riderz Bicycling Club, in collaboration with several other cycling groups, Health LA, and the Bike Oven in Highland Park, recognized the urgency of now, and kicked off 20XIV with the 4th Annual Sock the Homeless Charity Ride. The ride brought together a few dozen bicyclists, and over nine hundred dollars worth of socks, beanies, scarfs, gloves, and winter clothes– not to mention over 100 prepared lunches. The intention? Well, I believe the event page sums it up nicely:

The rainy season is upon us and if you have ever endured walking around with wet socks or have had to spend long periods of time
in wet socks, then you can understand the importance of us wanting to warm up the homeless even if it’s with this small gesture.

-MoM Ridaz Facebook Event Page

Hands down, the event was about mindfulness of others– as much as it was about bicycling, community strengthening, and other celebrations of life.

Group photo
Pre-ride group photo, courtesy of Mom Ridaz’s Facebook Page.

Now there are some things that I learned (and was reminded) of while riding to and in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles).

1) The art of bicycling transcends color, gender, social, and political lines.

2) Hands ups are radically different from hand outs.

3) When I call out “MoM” you yell out “Ridaz”

4th Annual Mom Riderz Sock The Homeless Charity Ride: En route to DTLA.

4) When in doubt, look for the guy on the tall phreak bicycle.

5) Yes there is order in chaos, and you better believe that someone is watching the time come 4pm.

6) No rider is left behind.

7) Skid Row smells like old urine.

8) Homelessness does not equate to ignorance, laziness, or mental instability.

9) Phreak bicycles are fun to ride.

10) 12:45 MoM time means sometime before 3pm.

11) Two words: “Ratrod Riders.” (Updated December 6th)

All this said, cheers & Feliz 20XIV!
Thank you MoM Ridaz, the Bike Oven and the many cyclists that socked the homeless.


III. Bike Oven Flyer Space.  #BikeOven #La4art #GRAFFITERIALA #vampirefreaks
Bike Oven Community Flyer space #GraffiteriaLA #LA4ART