Many thanks to randomveganyogi for posting this, along with full instructions on how voting works! Less than 2 days left to vote, so we ask all who appreciate our work to please make a quick trip over to the Best of Raw website and show your support.
We are most grateful for your support of our work to provide educational materials, resources, and projects such as the rawveganista and vegandiy blogs. Please follow the instructions as shown in the very thorough (& exceptionally kind) original post.


So pleased, happy, and proud to announce that @rawveganista has been nominated for “Best Blog” as well as “Best Professional Raw Educator” of 2013 by BestofRawFoods.com! 👏👏👏Not only that, but @loraxcommunity has been nominated for “Best EcoRaw Initiative 👏👏👏👏 Please consider taking the time to show your support 👉To cast your vote for @rawveganista ‘s blog, go to bestofrawfoods.com and click where it says “click here to enter voting portal.” Enter your e-mail, name, and create a password. Then, click “register.” Under “select category,” choose “Media” and in the next drop down box choose “Blog” and select “The Raw Veganista.” To vote for @rawveganista as Best Educator, select “Click here to vote in another category,” then select “People” and “Professional Raw Educator (0-5 yrs)” and click on “Kathryn, Damiana” which is her full name. Finally, to cast your vote for @loraxcommunity , click the link to vote in another category, select “EcoRaw” and “EcoRaw Initiative” and scroll down to click on Lorax Community. There are also links on the voting pages so you can read more about them…please consider taking the time 🙏🍃🌿🌿🌱🌾 #bestofrawfoods #castyourvote #rawvegansofinstagram #ahimsa #vegancommunity