Do you have a dehydrator? Today’s FREE vegan DIY ebook bundle is also perfect for homesteaders & gardeners who may have grown too much & need ideas for making crops last.

If you’re looking to learn how to dry fruit and vegetables, this is the book package you need. Vol. 1 covers the ins and outs of drying fruit, while vol. 2 gives in-depth information on dehydrating vegetables.

Here’s a brief description of Food Drying vol. 1:

Are you looking to learn how to safely store and dry fruit?

Food Drying vol. 1: How to Dry Fruit covers exactly that, giving detailed information on how to prepare and dry more than 35 different types of fruit. From popular dried fruits like apricots, bananas, prunes and raisins to surprise entries like watermelon and cantaloupe, this handy food dehydration guide has you covered.

Here’s a quick rundown of what Food Drying vol. 2 is all about:

Food Drying vol. 2: How to Dry Vegetables covers drying vegetables, giving detailed information on how to prepare and dry more than 30 different vegetables. From artichoke hearts to zucchini, this handy guide has you covered. More than 30 vegetables are covered in-depth and bonus recipes are provided to help you get the most from your dried vegetables.

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Cheers, and happy veganic homesteading!