Although we view veganism as an ethical stance & lifestyle beyond diet, we ran across The Health Miracles of a Vegan Diet and thought it ideal for Veganuary. Today we’re sharing it with our readers as a “Freebie Friday” giveaway, in hopes that it may encourage and assist those just starting out or simply in need of additional support in matters related to healing.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

The vegan diet is frequently referred to as the medicinal or therapeutic diet, because this natural and benevolent category of food is endowed with a wealthy spectrum of compounds, which scientists and nutritionists have established to constitute excellent components in maintaining and enhancing the body’s overall vitality and welfare. The vegan diet embodies such an excellent range of beneficial elements, which not only offer the body protection from diseases, but also serve as powerful organic medicine for remedying certain illnesses.
A vegan diet is an exclusively plant-based diet, strictly devoid of all directly and indirectly derived animal products and ingredients.
Dietary components of an organic vegan diet are very much in harmony with nature. Consequently, these food components can harness the maximum amount of natural vital force and nutritional essence from the ecosystem, which are impeccable in offering us excellent physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Considering that a plant-based diet is lowest on the food-chain, its nutritional value is still intact by the time it is consumed; thus boosting the body’s health and vitality.
The immune system is the body’s natural disease-fighting mechanism; which can be viewed as the ministry of defence for the body; offering it protection from pathogenic incursions and other dangerous infectious agents. The multitude of medicinal components contained in the vegan diet supply the highest degree of strength to the immune system; thereby ensuring that all infectious foreign agents are demolished with an impressive degree of sustained tenacity. The vegan diet can also neutralise or eliminate any disease-causing toxic substances present in the system, hence restoring the physiological integrity of the body.
The vegan diet has acquired an authoritative scientific reputation for its capacity to offer the body protection from ailments such as heart diseases, stroke, cancers, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, obesity and more. In the event where these conditions are already in occurrence, the vegan diet can diminish their gravity, or even occasion their reversal; as has been testified by numerous heart patients. By taking advantage of the medicinal and nutritional generosity of a vegan diet, one can timelessly enjoy the priceless wealth of health.
Therefore, this book provides a concise and vivid revelation of the proven nutritional and medicinal merits of a vegan diet, for perfect health, longevity and life-long happiness.

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