(Content Advisory: the video contains graphic depictions of sexual violence)

“On what seems to be just another ordinary day, a man is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women… (10 minutes)

With Pierre Benezit, Marie-Lorna Vaconsin, Marie Favasuli, Céline Menville…
First song: Comme un garçon, by StereoTotal
Last theme: Pocket Harmony feat. Moïra Conrath”

This is such a powerful short, and it is truly a work of genius. My only gripe regarding the film is that it is limited in scope, but as a short it gets the message across, misogyny sucks. The film’s obvious intention is to focus on the particular aspects of female oppression, and it does a wonderful job of executing this; the cat calls, the victim shaming, the sexualizing bodies all lend well to the message. The ending of the short brings the story full circle and makes for a nice well-rounded narrative. I give this one five-stars for its narrative, cinematography and portrayal of social issues.

In Solidarity