This poem and the complimentary artworks were originally published in The Women’s Resource Center’s The Matrix (Humboldt State University, December 2013), editor Cheyenne Gillett. The full issue of the Fall 2013 edition of the Matrix can be read here


Le Morte de Romance Binaire
S/he is quite lovely and I can hardly relate

Her/his celestial body, her/his lustrous gaze.

Far too long I held my heart, by a damaged string,

Pinned by needles, while mocking birds so sweetly sang.

My attention is drawn to her/him, oh how I wait.

Entrapped by her/his scent, I’m lost in delicious daze.

Finding one who sees the heart as more than a thing

Has been a feat, the road littered with many pangs

How can I approach such a precious jewel of fate?

This beautiful being has captivated my idle days.

I did not expect to come ‘cross such tender wings

Neither did I believe that an angel would fall for me.

Le Sac Re Cur de Monsieur Frankenstein