Love is Never Out of Reach

Vampyrohtechnix’s mix for the month of March/marzo/mars/März:

About March On: The Platform Departure

What I realized half way through the creation of this set was how (seemingly) different musical genres have influenced one another over the years. For example, without bands like the Beatles and The Beach Boys, would the Ramones ever have made a song like “California Sun?” Maybe, but I reckon’ that the California identity, upbeat surf rock punk drumming, and vocal harmonies would be drastically different. Take into consideration that each band was, in some regard, part of a revolutionary movement– the British invasion, American rock and roll, and punk rock. Long story short, social, cultural and political movements do affect the music that we create. Without musical visionaries like Bob Marley, and Miriam Makeba there would be no Damien “Junior Gong” Marley or Lauren Hill. Even social constructs like segregation in the United States affected interpersonal relationships between the iconic musicians James Brown and Elvis (amongst others as well). The social political and cultural histories of the songs, their respective genres, and implied narratives associated with the musicians (sexism, racism, classism) are some of the things that came time mind while I was putting this set together. All of this said, I hope you enjoy this mix, and journey through into the sound portal this month.

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