MRDLAM fact #26: I Love comics!

Yes, I love comics, graphic novels, animation, anime and cartoons. Somewhere along the lines people have developed a misguided belief that those mediums are inferior. However, I believe that we communicate more effectively through pictures, and that comics, graphic novels (etc…) are a means of presenting information in a way so simply that the message can transgress language, age and cultural barrier.

These are a few comics that I enjoy:
The Oatmeal. Want to learn how to properly use a semicolon? Need to brush up on your grammar? Or do you simply want to weigh the pros and cons of peeing sitting down?

Strangely Kate. An amazing graphic artist and story teller. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read her comic, Princess, Princess. It is about time that we begin revamping our “fairy tales” to reflect modern cultural identities.

Erika Moen. A little sexual positivity goes a looooong way. All am going to say is enjoy.
*Mature Content*