Time for the Freebie Friday ebook giveaway!

Today we’re gearing up for Spring with 2 raw food recipe books, and also a nice compilation of reasons for being vegan, which comes highly recommended by the remarkable Peter Singer..

First up, we have a neat little book of raw desserts for people who like to keep things sweet & simple: Raw Desserts: Healthy Food for a Dude!

Are you fond of desserts? Now you can have them! Find more than 40 delicious low fat dessert recipes in this raw food cookbook!

What is the main benefit of raw food diet desserts? And the answer is simple: desserts of this kind often contain foodstuffs that are rich in vitamins and won’t make you gain weight. Normally, no sugar is added and no oil is used to fry them.
Since the main ingredient of such desserts is fruit, the sweetness in these dishes is fully natural.

You won’t find animal fats, flour, sugar, and eggs in these vegan recipes, nor will you be required to use a cooker. These raw food recipes are absolutely healthy and they will not add extra pounds on you.

Raw food dessert recipes are something to try, especially when you have cheesecakes and almond cakes – or rather their raw versions – on the menu.“

Second offering we have to share is Raw Food Made Simple: Quick, Delicious, and Easy Raw Food Living Recipes for Beginners.

This book has been written to guide beginners through the basics and through any questions and worries along the way, making it easy to digest and read in simple, easily manageable steps.

And lastly (but certainly not least), we have Magnus Vinding’s Why We Should Go Vegan as our final offering of the day. This book comes highly recommended by none other than the remarkable Peter Singer, so we thought our readers might enjoy reading it as well.

Please click book titles of each book for direct download links.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!