For the return of Freebie Friday ebook giveaway, we are pleased to present once again for your Vegan DIY enjoyment: How to Make Tofu at Home!

Do you know the history of tofu? Do you wonder how it was originally made? Do you know what OKARA is?

This wonderful informative book will let you know. Then, once you understand the basics, it will guide you along with very simple instructions for making tofu, the byproduct okara, and soy milk at home.

Our health is built first by food, and knowledge of our food sources/methods for production is now imperative for our safety and that of our planet.
The best way to ensure that your food is clean and free of GMO is to take the time to learn & prepare your own simple ingredients at home.

This book is a great way to start with one of the simplest, basic staples in traditional #vegan fare. Why not give this book a try for yourself?