Yes, this vegan quiche was not only raw, but also free of eggs, nuts, soya, gluten, and added oils. How did it turn out? Deliciously!
Marinated mushrooms & spinach were the star of the show, but the other #seasonal fruits & vegetables harmoniously chimed in to create a perfect symphony of organic vegan goodness.

Formulation still in development (this was something of an improvisation done for Easter), most likely to be included in my arsenal for the book. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog at RawVeganista.com for up-to-the-minute updates and first notification of new #recipes posted.

As always, I offer much gratitude to everyone for your kind support of my work and also bid welcome new friends who have found their way here via @loraxcommunity’s events & collaborative partnerships for Earth Day, Earth Week, & Us Veg Week.

Namaste! ♡Ⓥ★