To all art advocates & book lovers

To all art advocates & book lovers

The Los Angeles based art documentation project, founded by Public School teachers Oliver Shipley and Kristen Sheline, is delighted to announce the upcoming release of ArtCard: Volume 2.The publication is a comprehensive collection of artists, from the Los Angeles area, and beyond who mailed artwork on the back of on “ArtCards” (blank pre-addressed 4X6 postcards)to be published at

The selected artworks, 40 in  all, represent but a small fraction of the diverse culture that exists within Los Angeles. Images of skylines, streetscapes, and various faces are peppered alongside works that highlight issues Angelinos face, such as environmental pollution, discrimination, as well as the search for natural landscapes within a concrete jungle. More than anything, however, this book is a documentation and a reminder that regardless your location, “art is for everyone.”

For this book, over 300 hundred individual ArtCards were considered, with a specific focus on those mailed to the between January 1st and December 31st of 2013. A team of curators led by Michael Ray De Los Angeles reviewed all the submitted works. Throughout the process the team of curators considered the style, medium, and content of each submission as part their in-depth discussions about which ArtCards to include in the book.

Michael Ray De Los Angeles
LA-Artist, Art Curator

Preorders for the LA-ArtistArtcard Book: Volume 2  can be made at