First off, I just want to say happy belated May Day!
I spent the day climbing with some amazing friends and I just have to say that my technique and form could still use some improvement– but hey I’m still in my first year. This is a short video of what the view looked like:

To put it lightly, I am hooked on climbing, and there was no better way to spend May Day reminding myself of the mental, physical and emotional strength I can tap into. Yes, climbing can helps remind me of these things. In retrospect, I can see the personal development that has occurred over these past few months– see “The Importance of Presence And Self Awareness” for my addition insights on climbing.

Next item on this weekly wrap up, big THANK YOU to Felipe Fuentes and the representatives of Council District 7, Michael Long (For Learners of All Ages), David Quiroz for bringing the film “Dirt: The Movie,” and the California Environmental Legacy Project for working with me to produce my short documentary “Why We Climb.” If you missed the film at our screening, this is it right here:

California Environmental Legacy Project: Why We Climb (The Poetics of Ecological Awareness) from Michael Ray De Los Angeles on Vimeo.
If you would like to schedule a screening of the film for your community organization, or event please contact

Speaking of environmental advocacy, a short directory of the of gardens is now available, the single page map was previewed at the Earth Day Screening of Dirt and the next step will be to get it into the hands of residents of living in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Recommendations welcomed
Garden Poster


Donations to the mapping project can be sent to
Michael Ray Menjivar
P.O. Box 331343
Pacoima CA, 91333-1343


Finally, MRDLA site updates:

  • The writing laboratory links are connected and ready for June 7th’s launch date
  • Rawveganista & I are prepping for another Juicy June. Like last year, we’ll be sharing some of our juicing recipes. Some of these recipes can be found on my instagram page under Vampyrohtechnix Media.
  • I just uploaded the press release for LA-Artist’s upcoming book, “Art Card Book: Volume II.” Please share and repost abundantly– release party TBA!
  • My online Shop has been updated with new prints, books and apparel, surf on by!



Until next time, keep writing, keep climbing and keep growing!
Michael Ray De Los Angeles Menivar