The art of the mini-greenhouse (12)

Many of you folks are working without a proper greenhouse, much like me!

Here is a small tour of the little things I have built in my garden in order to create warm and sheltered micro-climates for my plants, against the Danish seaside weather I cope with daily.

  1. Home-made mistbank
  2. Two stakes and a bag, anchored with a clothespin, to protect the fig tree
  3. A candy-container cloche
  4. An aquarium (can you believe someone was throwing that away?), converted into a squash nursery – the straw bale behind it holds quite a bit of heat
  5. Plexi-glass lean-to wind shelter on a warm straw bale, sheltering numerous seedlings
  6. Plexi-glass lean to wind shelter on a black berm, sheltering a Carolina spicebush

The most important features of all of these are protection from wind, and retention of heat.

Protection from wind is provided by glass, plastic, or whatever I can find that allows the sun to shine through.

Retention of heat is provided by mulch, fire bricks, using black paint, or proximity to decomposing straw bales.

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What do you use to fend off the cold in your garden?