Raised beds are great, we all know it.  Here are some cool ways to make them out of stuff you might already have laying around!

  • Type 1: Sandbags. Stack the bags two high around the perimeter.
  • Type 2: Logs. Logs should be about a foot in diameter, or multiple logs of smaller diameters should be stacked. If one desires to not move enormous logs, shorter, firewood-length logs can be lined up in place of a larger log.
  • Type 3: Cinder blocks. Place the blocks facing up, so you can plant tiny things like herbs and flowers along the perimeter of the bed!
  • Type 4: Wattle. Hammer rebar into the soil, around the perimeter of the bed. Weave straight sticks from trees or shrubs around the rebar, basket-style. Line the bed with burlap to prevent soil from escaping the bed.
  • Type 5: Planks. Use untreated planks and rebar hammered into the ground to create a raised bed.

info and pics from organicgardening