Big love for chalk artists this week!


The 22nd annual Pasadena Chalk Festival is scheduled at the Paseo Colorado shopping center. More than 500 artists drew more than 200 works. Chinese artist Dan Xiaolei participated in the festival for five consecutive years to draw Chinese-theme related works to promote Chinese culture, according to Chinanews.


Known as the world’s largest chalk festival, the event opened in Pasadena on June 14, 2014. Artists from Southern California used sidewalk as “canvas” and drew drawings solely with chalk on it. The theme of the paintings varied from religion to magic stories. Some artists applied three-dimensional painting techniques on their works, so that the paintings produced an amazing three-dimensional effect. Many artists used exaggerated color to attract the audience’s attention.


Chinese artist Dan Xiaolei has participated in the event for five consecutive years, and he would draw one painting related to Chinese culture every year. Xiaolei has drawn an 8-foot…

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