Completed tshirtEvery time a project reaches a cycle of completion I am filled with a sense of joy and pride. There really is something to be said about seeing a work come to life that makes me rather jubilant. This week’s source of jubilation? The Mars Society Los Angeles.

With custom printed t-shirts, and buttons they were well prepared for Mars Day 2014!

This year the society hosted an event at Columbia Memorial Space Center in DowneyCompleted Buttons California. The event was completed with a student “space voyage,” a presentation from Project Manager for the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, and a special Martian portrait photo booth.

Happy Mars Day folks:

May our future colonizes, on Mars and beyond, learn from humanities mistakes, errors and fault; strengthen its virtues and build new and harmonious relationships with all species of life.

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Special thanks to the Mars Society’s board enlisting my graphic design services and to my fellow LA-Art Book Curator, CME Make Buttons, who recently hosted a button making workshop at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.