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Live steam will be up momentarily.

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Last night the MRDLA writing Laboratory went live! Big thanks to the talented cast and crew of presenters, speakers, photographers, tech support and artisans who made it out to the Full Moon Celebration at Win Within Sangha. My presentation was one of several that happened during the course of the evening, and I can only begin to describe how much I appreciated the good vibes, the food, the people and the knowledge that was shared.
Visit the Win Within Sangha social media page, for more updates on events and workshops.

Special thanks to:
Jerry Robin, Certified Molecular Hydration Specialist, who dropped some serious knowledge about the importance of water.

Tiffany Fabricius, a talented artist who helped transform the communal space with her paintings.

Leela Loisel, a hula hooper, dancer, model and fire performer! Who brought a whole array of hoops for a interactive hula hooping workshop.

The hearts and hands of Muir Ranch for harvesting tasty edible delights.

Watch the live stream!