Just the Flax!

Flaxseed meal is simply ground flaxseeds, although sometimes (when purchased from certain companies) they may actually be a by-product of the flax oil industry and therefore lacking their most vital nutritional elements since volatile omega oils will have been stripped in the processing.

However, even when this is *not* the case and the seeds are purchased as meal from someone like Bob’s Red Mill (theirs is simply ground flax seeds, packed and shipped with no additional processing), nutrients are still lost since the seeds are only truly vital for a short time after they are ground.

The omega oils contained within the seeds are also quite volatile (and far more likely to rancidify after having been ground), which makes shelf life somewhat questionable when stored in an unrefrigerated environment. Thus, you are actually much better off grinding your own seeds to make meal at home–on a per-use basis.

My preferred method is to place about a cup at a time into my Vitamix carafe & grind them at a medium-high speed until they become a flour-like meal.

This process takes only around 30 seconds in our 5200, as the motor is quite powerful and the seeds move around easily. Yield of meal will seem higher than the amount of seeds originally placed inside the carafe, so you should end up with about 1.5 cups.

Be sure to store any unused portions of ground flaxseed meal in an airtight container, and refrigerate immediately to best preserve nutrients between uses.

This post comes to us via kind donation from rawveganista, from an extended post which may be found on the blog on her official website (as a follow-up to the spicy raw/vegan “nacho cheese” sauce recipe). Cheers!