Autumnal Raw & Vegan Feast!

This past Monday, I was honoured to serve a special meal for a very special guest (and family) in honour of his 80th birthday. The setting was informal, preparation entirely experimental, though preparation of certain items shown in this set did end up taking over a week to complete.

All (entirely plant-based) ingredients were sourced directly from small, non-commercial, pesticide-free, non-GMO, ethical/fair-trade family farms located in various parts of the USA.

Simple salad course: local Romaine lettuce, locally sourced cucumber salad (sliced & prepared in my own kitchen), dressed with creamy herbed mustard ranch (a combination of homemade French herb mustard & salt-free variation of my sprouted sunflower seed ranch), garnished with wild harvested dulse & heirloom pumpkin seeds.

Marinated Mushroom & Kale Pizza: homemade spicy marinara, local kale, porcini/champignon mushrooms, aged Brasil nut cheese, chopped black garlic, with homegrown rosemary & Genovese basil on rosemary & garlic infused buckwheat/flax crust.

Courgetti Pasta w/ “Smoke”-marinated Mushrooms & Garlic Massaged Kale: Spiralised yellow & green Summer squashes, medley of “smoked” mushrooms, local kale (massaged with homemade toumaka garlic paste), fused together harmoniously with a light tomato & habanero cream sauce.

Caramel Apple Cupcakes! These were a seasonal variation on another raw/vegan cake formulation (also nut-free), this time featuring family orchard-direct Jonathan apples as the featured seasonal ingredient in the cakes themselves. Adorned in sweet caramel coco-“cream cheese” frosting and miniature caramel apple cookie bite.

Autumn-Spiced Persimmon Custard: Creamy blend of absolutely THE MOST delicious farm-direct Fuyu persimmons, Autumn spices, with just a hint of vanilla and coconut créme!

Now that our celebration is complete, recorded results of certain experiments are now being re-tested and recorded for use in the upcoming book. Be well, and be sure to watch this space for details/updates as events unfold. Namasté! =) ♡Ⓥ★