Check this AMAZING VeganDIY of the day!


Near-complete disclosure of my multi-recipe (see links within) construction method from yesterday’s truly epic Mexican-style multi-layered raw/vegan bowl, as per request for loraxcommunity’s vegandiy blog:

This big bowl of seriously spicy goodness consisted of a bottom layer of Raw & vegan “refried beans” (aka ‘Rawfried Beans’ for which the full raw/vegan recipe may be found on the blog at, freshly prepared guacamole (made from avocados, peppers, & lemons from Rick’s Seasonal Produce commingled with my own homegrown veganic herbs), fresh locally grown green elements from Beasley’s Farm in Central Florida, and a hidden layer of my very own live-fermented sauerkraut (which I managed to avoid having to share with anyone else despite having had guests staying with me for many days this month ;-). In the end it was smothered in 2 versions of my homemade RAW hot sauce (one sriracha style, and another PAINFUL tropical blend made from organic passion fruit & ghost peppers—both of which may soon be available for purchase as LIMITED EDITION seasonal items via my soon-to-be-launched Ahimsa Alchemy shop on Etsy) & garnished with coconut “sour cream”, all the entire situation would surely have worked perfectly with my nut-free “Spicy Raw Vegan ‘Nacho cheese’ blend”— had I remembered to include it whilst making the rest.

Ah well…

Quite honestly, the blend was so perfect and creamy with all other elements that the omitted layer of “cheese” was not missed at all!  

Happy Sunday, everyone! ♡Ⓥ★