Happy vegan holidays!

Today we have some special offerings for Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas, and most anything in between.

Since we have several items to share this morning, this final edition of our vegandiy ‘Freebie Friday’ giveaway shall be broken into smaller, “bite size” morsels for you to enjoy in segments. 

Since having missed out on yesterday’s #VeganRecipeHour, we shall begin today’s post by sharing an extra special 2-part Christmas themed offering:

Part 1:
30 Easy Vegan Christmas Recipes To Enjoy Over The Festive Season by Anita Thomas is filled with festive fare that both vegans and non-vegans will love. Inside, you will discover how to make an array of:
– Appetisers
– Festive Starters
– Main Courses
– Side Dishes
– Sauces
– Desserts

Selecting recipes that are both delicious and easy to prepare, these Christmas meals are designed to tantalize your tastebuds and raise awareness of how healthy, tasty and versatile following a plant based diet can be – not just at Christmas, but at every time of the year.

Discover how to make delicious vegan festive food – click right here and grab your copy now!

Part 2:

25 Days of Vegan Christmas Desserts

by Kristina Newman includes many “guilt-free”, gluten-free vegan cookies and treats including

  • Christmas Candied Almonds
  • Jolly Vegan Cupcakes
  • Cheerful Vegan Cheesecake
  • Naughty Vegan Brownies
  • Delightful Vegan Brownie Cupcakes
  • Much, much more!

Click here to download your copy today!