All You Need Is Love?

Maybe John Lennon and Paul McCartney had it right, and “Love is all you need.” Truly, what would this world be like if we chose to make love and not war; chose pleasure over pain, or even sex over violence? Just imagine the possibilities: yes we could still be hung like a horse, f*ck like a lion (and women, you too can have rose petal lips and squirt like a waterfall); but at our core, we’d all be as loving as Bonobos.

“Flower of Life”(Flame Flower) by Frida Kahlo [1943]

If all we need is Love, then a part of being loving is learning how to be intimate and share pleasure with one another. When we are able to talk about what is pleasurable; from how we like to be touched, and held, to what our sexual fantasies are, then we are able to become more at peace with ourselves, and with one another.

A radical though? Perhaps. Honest? Absolutely.

Around the world nature shows us, time and time again, how to co-exist. While, emperor penguins teach us resilience, bees and ants show us how to cooperate with one another. Now, the question is, where in nature do we learn how to love? The answer is quite simple, the Bonobo Ape.

It has been over 40 years since The Beatles’ released the track All You Need Is Love. Today, in 2015, our technology allows us to talk about a wide range of issues on a global level– we can live stream music and download porn of all sorts too. This revolution in technology allows us to view and access resources in a way never before seen– from developing social networks like Bonobovile to conservancy foundations like the Block Bonobo Foundation.

With all of these resources at our finger tips, my only question is, “are you ready to start a journey and love The Bonobo Way? Remember, “It’s easy. All you need is love.”

10991123_786684471416969_2812924027338942953_nMichael Ray De Los Angeles is a Los Angeles Writer and the Director of Visual Arts for the Los Angeles Poetry Society; as well as the co-director of Vampire Freaks Los Angeles, a supporting sponsor of the LA Fashion & Fetish Ball.