Dream Shift Inspire
Yesterday I had a phone consultation with Aliss Wang for a “LIVE THE DREAM COACHING SESSION.” Iit was insightful, delightful, and extremely powerful. If you want to have an candid, open conversation about your goals, and intentions, then I highly recommend making the plunge and Live the Dream.
My break-through was this simple mantra: “once you have a map, you can become fluid with your actions.” This deep moment of truth was a reminder that the destination is important, but that I must remember to enjoy the journey.
It is no small secret that every great athlete, and mind has had a great coach or mentor to push them forward; to help them grow; Bruce Lee had Ip Man, Mahatma Gandhi had Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Michael Jordon had Phil Jackson. The value in having someone on your sideline is that he or she can provide some objectivity in a way that others cannot.

Today, I am working on my life’s road map, identifying what my milestones are, simultaneously, reminding myself to celebrate self-love and give recognition for all the small wins– in romance, my career, as well as with family, friends and my community. Today I am reminded that is okay to dream, and thanks to Dream Shift Inspire, I also have the self-empowering tools to make those dreams a reality.


I would like to give a huge thank you to Aliss Wang the Visionary, Producer, Director, and Camerawoman of Dream Shift Inspire: http://www.dreamshiftinspire.com/

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In my non-writing life, I like fashion and set design. I’m a graduate of Humboldt State University with a BA in English Literature, and was a costumer for the world-famous Humboldt Circus 2012-13. I love Poesy, spoken word and was Poetry Division editor for The Toyon Literary Journal. My dream job is to host an travel show with an ecological emphasis.