Happy #PiDay!

#SaintPatricksDay is just round the bend, so I’ve done #raw/#vegan/#glutenfree Reuben PIZZA pie in honour of both occasions.

This raw/vegan, grain-free, & nut-free #veganic pie is comprised of the following elements: “Rye bread” crust, topped w/creamy #eggfree/#dairyfree Thousand Island dressing, “corned” #beetroot, and #homemade living food sauerkraut!
The crust I have dehydrating at the moment is GREEN, for which the recipe will soon go live on the blog at RawVeganista.com.

Yes, recipes for each additional element will also be shared on the blog (some of which may be found already—at least parts/elements thereof)—shared in several successive posts. A vast multitude of tech issues have made any online activity (including blogging) into a bit of a challenge, so elements must be spaced out a bit (going live in segments between today and Monday).
Most time-intensive bits will show first, to make life easier for those of you who choose to work in time with the approaching holiday. live fermentation takes time, so the kraut will go up first, followed by crust, etc. etc.

Anyway, enough rambling for now & blessings to all!