Earth Day means time for a giveaway! 

Lovely Ahimsa art collaboration by Mary Ann Lederer (artist) & Dr. E.J. Farians (wordsmith–may her soul rest in peace) in framable poster form (as seen in the entryway to our Florida sanctuary) can be yours as a gift from us! 

Simply give us a follow, share this post with friends to spread the kind word of peace and respect for all living beings, and your account shall automatically be entered for consideration of this beautiful labour of love! We will be monitoring our WordPress blog, Tumblr, and other social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for pings and activity related to this post, then announcing the winners on the 5th of May. Each action relating to any of the aforementioned accounts counts as a separate entry. Feel free to enter as many times as you like, from anywhere we have a presence. For extra points, please add the tag #AhimsaGiveaway (and/or tag our account) to increase your visibility.

So many ways to win!

Some of these lovely prints will soon become available (in limited quantity) in exchange for donations via UNLESS Ahimsa Fellowship (that’s us!), as well as through our affiliate friends at Reaching Out for Animal Rights by kind donation from VeganEarth and Dr. Farians’ estate in Cincinnati, Ohio.